Engineering & Repairs Service

Alongside supplying radio equipment and accessories for almost all brands and models or two-way radio, we can provide tailored solutions for your business:

●  Add frequencies and channels
●  Align new handsets to match you company's current radios
●  Update equipment firmware
●  Reset radios to the factory default
Our FREE Programming Service will add 10 Channels plus CTCSS / DCS to your licensed channels, when you buy your radio from us, please contact us before purchasing your radio.
At Radioswap we know how much money you invest in your equipment and how disruptive it is when radios and accessories get damaged or fail. Our fully equipped testing and repair facility, along with our highly experienced engineers, can diagnose problems and fix them or offer advice on replacements or alternatives.
We also know how important it is that unwanted or damaged equipment doesn’t end up in landfill and we actively encourage businesses and individuals to part-exchange their equipment with us - Visit our Contact Us page.
Radioswap offer safe and secure decommissioning of equipment, with the ability to remove frequencies and encryption modules, if present. 

Police Forces, Fire & Ambulance Services, local authorities, airports and companies based all over the world have used Radioswap to dispose of damaged or outdated equipment.
Ask us about part-exchanging your old equipment against new purchases.

Let Radioswap take care of all your radio equipment, both old and new.


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